The Accommodation cost is not included in the fees from the "Ballet Summer School Program".

We have pre-reserve bedrooms at the Youth Hostel Carcassonne for our International Ballet Summer School Participants.

Contact the International Ballet Summer School directly to make your reservation:

Please, precise your Arrival and Departure date and time.

The Hostel price is: 36,00 € per night.

The price includes Bed sheets, Towels, Breakfast, and Dinner.

Internet Wi-Fi access is for free at the Hostel.

All the Participants from the Ballet Summer School will be shared in the rooms by age, sex and nationality.

The Ballet Summer School will organize transportation from the Hostel to the Conservatoire and back to the Hostel from Monday until Saturday.

The Hostel Fees need to be transferred on the Ballet Summer School bank account before June 20th 2015.

Youth Hostel name and address:  

Auberge de Jeunesse de Carcassonne  -La Cité Médiévale-
Rue du Viconte Trencavel,
11000 Carcassonne,